Aerostructure CNC Shot Peening System


This system was designed to shot peen structural airframe parts up to 36" wide and 16' long. Four large direct pressure nozzles provide even intensity coverage over the width, length and height of the part envelope to within 1A intensity at all points. Each nozzle is capable of flowing up to 100 lb/minute of shot making this peening system a very productive air peening machine. The operator simply selects the zone of the table where the part is located by touching the PC screen, and then selects the part height. All of the gun motions are then calculated and programmed automatically.

System features & benefits


  • Very simple control format
  • Shot peens an area vs part specific programs
  • Variable load size, complete table can be loaded of just a small section
  • Rugged table conveyor with accurate rail system


  • Custom Nozzle holders
  • Shot peening media adder

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