Aircraft Wheel Hub and Brake Peening Machine


This machine is designed to shot peen aircraft wheel hubs using a CNC controlled nozzle or deflector lance. With an optional vertical load door, wheels can be robotically loaded onto the turntable and a self-centering fixture enables a wide range of wheel diameters to be processed without the need of fixture changes. Automatic dual media size changeover is provided on this machine, as well as closed loop media flow and air pressure control. Our PRIMS computerized process control provides for complete datalogging and archiving of key process parameters as well as tracking preventive maintenance items.

System features & benefits


  • 5 Axis CNC Control
  • Shuttle Turntable for Loading
  • Fanuc CNC
  • Special Deflector Lances
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • Computerized Operator Interface (PRIMS)


  • Automatic Vertical Door
  • Self-centering Fixture
  • Integral Cabinet Mounted Hoist
  • Automatic Dual Media Change System

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Aircraft Wheel Hub and Brake Peening Machine

Aircraft Wheel Hub and Brake Peening Machine