Dual Gantry Robot 11-axis CNC Peening System


Two Gantry Robots and an auxiliary internal rotary lance are used to manipulate shot peening nozzles around critical airframe and landing gear parts. Two different sizes of shot peening media are automatically selected from the CNC part program. This system is also equipped with a material handling system for automatic staging and loading of components.

System features & benefits


  • Shot Peens very complex components
  • Can peen two (2) surfaces simultaneously
  • Rotary Lance for small bores
  • Operator can load and mask parts while peening


  • Rotary Lance Drive
  • 2 or more shot peening media sizes
  • Variety of non-rotating lances
  • MagnaValve media flow control
  • Closed Loop air control
  • Custom part fixtures
  • Production ready programs

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