Dual Robot, Intelligent Shot Peening System


This Shot Peening System is one of the Intelligent Machines produced by Progressive Surface.  This shot peener is processing a variety of aero engine components during manufacturing.  The maximum workpiece envelope is 40” (1M) tall x 40” (1M) diameter.  The dual robots are designed to access ID and external surfaces.  Each robot has a dedicated pressure pot media delivery system to provide maximum flexibility, including peening at different pressures.  This shot peener has dual loading position spindles to allow workpieces to be loaded, un-loaded or inspected while the other part-spindle is in the cabinet with a workpiece being peened.

System features & benefits


  • Flexibility to process many different part geometries and types using one versatile system
  • Two Motoman MH50XP robots with IP67 protection
  • Two Aux Axis spindles to rotate or position the workpieces, coordinated with both robots
  • Closed Loop control of media flow and process compressed air pressure
  • 100% of the spent peening media is classified and reclaim via a screen and spiral system
  • Two Auto Tool Changers with Lance Changer for RLD, Fixed Lances & Camera
  • 2D Motosight Vision System for part orientation
  • Bar code reader for part identification
  • Keller VARIO 2-8YM (8 ProBran filters) dust collector w/ 15HP blower
  • ProPipe Flameless Vent & Backflap Damper incorporated in ventilation
  • PRIMS Pro Operator Interface with reporting and preventative maintenance
  • Integrated ShotMeter for media velocity measurements
  • Siemens S7-315 PLC
  • 75 dBA sound level
  • CE Marked for EU installation


  • Dual media delivery and classification
  • Off-Line Programming
  • Production Ready Programs
  • Part Holding Fixtures and Masking

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