Dual Sided Peening of Aircraft Structural Components


This unique shot peening system is designed to shot peen both sides of large aircraft structures simultaneously, while passing through the peening chamber. This system has two, CNC controlled nozzle manipulators, each with 4 nozzles. The nozzle manipulators traverse the vertical cord dimension of the parts, coordinated with the CNC material handling system. The design goals of this shot peener were; to saturation peen parts at a high rate, control part growth during peening, provide part staging during process and to provide a quiet, clean process suitable for a modern machine shop. The part envelope is 60” tall (1.5m) x 200” long (5m) with a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs (454 kg). One of the high production features is the ability to run different part numbers in a single part load. All of the parts must be of the same material for part coverage rates and of the same Almen Intensity. The operators are trained to maximize the throughput by nesting parts and trying to fill the part envelope. Parts are loaded and suspended from the two large “picture frame” part holders. The part holders lower to an ergonomic height for the operators to load and unload parts and raised to the conveyor pass height for processing. Large and cumbersome parts are loaded with the assistance of the two Positech Manipulators located in the loading zone.

System features & benefits


  • PRIMS Pro HMI, for machine monitoring, program selection, PM and alarms
  • One large Continuous Duty, pressure pot with (8) closed-loop media flow controllers
  • Dual loading zones with vertical height adjustment
  • Pneumatic media reclamation and sizing and refilling
  • Pulse Dust Collector with HEPA filters and sound enclosure for fan
  • Adjustable part blow-off and media removal
  • 60” tall x 200” long work envelope
  • Programmable nozzle and conveyor speed for customized coverage control
  • Turnkey Installation and Factory Training


  • Larger (custom) work envelope
  • Tooling and Masking
  • Service Contracts
  • Video Camera monitoring
  • Compressor and Air Dryer

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