High Intensity Gear Shot Peening System


Large rotary indexing shot peening system with closed-loop process control and our PRIMS PC-based touch screen operator interface. Peening system can be manually loaded or easily adapts to robotic load/unload with precise indexing. Designed for automatic operation, high production, high intensity gear peen applications on various types of gears, up to 22 inches in diameter, including spur gears, ring and pinion gears, bevel gears, etc. Uses direct pressure nozzles for precise targeting of gear tooth root radius and flanks.

System features & benefits


  • 3 stop precision indexer
  • High flow shot peening media delivery
  • Pneumatic shot media reclaim
  • Air pressure and media flow control
  • Vibratory media classifier
  • Coordinated nozzle control using the AB ControLogix PLC and 3 axis PTI Gantry robot
  • High flexibility and quick changeover through simple program selection


Optional Almen tooling, Almen gauging plus a shot peening media flow calibration unit to validate process parameters.

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High Intensity Gear Shot Peening System

High Intensity Gear Shot Peening System