Medical Implant Robotic Shot Peening


This precision-built robotic shot peening system is designed for controlled shot peening of medical implant devices. Flexible designs allow for processing a wide range of medical parts. The direct pressure shot peening system is ultra reliable and consistent. Automatic work doors, light curtains, and user-friendly computer controls all contribute to high productivity and ease of operation. Shot peening media options include stainless steel shot, ceramic beads, or glass beads.

System features & benefits


  • ABB Robotic Nozzle Manipulation
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • Sweco Vibratory Screening System
  • Integral Dust Collector for Compact Footprint
  • Computerized Operator Interface (PRIMS)


  • Multiple Part Fixtures
  • Automatic Shot Peening Media Adder
  • On-line Computerized Particle Analysis
  • Almen Tooling and Almen Gauge

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Medical Implant Robotic Shot Peening