Military General Purpose CNC Shot Peen Machine


This machine is a 7-axis shot peening system designed to shot peen a large variety of military aircraft landing gear and jet engine components in a repair and overhaul environment. A 4-axis gantry robot manipulates the direct pressure nozzle, while parts are positioned using the 2-axis spindle providing both rotation and a Y-axis linear capability. For landing gear components and other parts with large inner diameters, a side mounted rotating lance provides complete ID peening coverage. Since media size changes are common in repair and overhaul environments, this machine has four semi-automatic media change hoppers to enable operators to quickly change medias between four sizes for optimum flexibility.

System features & benefits


  • Large Work Envelope in Cabinet
  • Integral Cabinet Mounted Hoist
  • High Accuracy Gantry Robot
  • 2-axis Spindle
  • Fanuc CNC
  • Side Mounted Rotary Lance for ID Peening
  • Vibratory Screening System
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • Computerized Operator Interface (PRIMS)


  • Quick Media Change for S70, S110, S230 & S330
  • Manual Blast Station in Door
  • Ladder and Access Platform
  • Rotary Lance Drive for Robot
  • Special Deflector Lances and Nozzles
  • Custom Part Holding Fixtures
  • Almen Tooling
  • Peening Tool Kit

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