Robotic Shot Peen System with Automatic Tool Changer


This robotic shot peen machine is designed to process a wide variety of aircraft turbine engine components using standard nozzles as well as deflector lances and rotating lances.  A 6 axis Fanuc robot is mounted on the cabinet roof and works in coordination with an auxiliary axis on the turntable.  Parts can be automatically loaded using an industrial robot from outside of the booth for complete automated processing.  A Fanuc iR Vision system is used to check the part against the selected motion program and also ensures that the proper nozzle or lance is used for the peening operation.  Our integrated ShotMeter particle velocity sensor is used to validate that the shot speed is correct for the peening intensity required.

System features & benefits


  • Large walk-in booth with vertical load door
  • Fanuc M710i robot
  • Extending auxiliary axis spindle with 500 pound capacity
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  •  Vibratory Screening System
  •  Automatic Shot Peening Media Adder
  •  Computer Operator Interface (PRIMS Pro)


  • Integrated Fanuc iRVision system
  • Automatic tool changer to switch between standard nozzle, rotary lance drive, and deflector lances.  Also enables swapping between a variety of deflector lances.
  • Robotic part loading

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