Robotic Steel Shot and Ceramic Media Peening Machine


This system is designed for shot peening a wide variety of aero engine parts and is able to automatically switch between cast steel shot and ceramic or glass peening medias. The dual blast nozzles are CNC controlled by a 4 axis gantry with a 5th axis spindle for a total of 5 axes of motion control. Separate pressure pot systems are used for the steel and ceramic medias and a Magnetic separator is utilized with the ceramic media system to ensure the medias stay within specified limits. The steel shot media flow is closed loop controlled, while the ceramic media flows are monitored. Air pressure is also closed loop controlled, and the entire system is computer monitored to meet AMS 2432 and other computerized peening specifications.

System features & benefits


  • 5 Axes of Motion Control
  • Automatic Media Changeover
  • Sweco Vibratory Screening System
  • S110 Steel Shot and Z425 Ceramic Bead
  • Closed Loop Ferrous Media Flow Control
  • Monitored Non-ferrous Media Flow
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure
  • Siemens CNC
  • Computerized Operator Interface (PRIMS)


  • Fanuc CNC
  • Additional Media Sizes
  • Closed Loop Non-ferrous Media Flow Control
  • Saturation Curve Solver Software
  • Custom Part Holding Fixtures
  • Almen Tooling
  • Production Ready Part Programs

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Robotic Steel Shot and Ceramic Media Peening Machine

Robotic Steel Shot and Ceramic Media Peening Machine