100HE Plasma Spray System


The 100HE™ is a major improvement in plasma torch design. Our patented arc root stabilization technology and efficient use of ternary gas mixtures (Ar, N² & H² or He) produce a high performance plasma coating process with remarkable capabilities. Able to apply plasma spray powders in either axial, radial, or external injection modes, the 100HE™ produces superior plasma coatings applied at higher spray rates and significantly higher deposition efficiencies.

System features & benefits


  • High plasma spray rates with excellent deposition efficiency
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Single Anode/Single Cathode Construction
  • Long plasma gun component life
  • Unmatched arc stability
  • Low residual stresses in plasma coatings
  • Significant reduction in total plasma coating costs


  • Integrated with CITS Closed Loop Plasma Spray Control

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