Aircraft Landing Gear HVOF Coating System


This robotic thermal spray system was specifically designed for applying HVOF chrome replacement coatings on aircraft landing gear components. The M710i 6-axis Fanuc robot is ideally suited for thermal spraying complex parts. The integrated rotating spindle is programmable from the robot program and can be configured to operate vertically, or horizontally as a lathe. With the S4 Fanuc robot control, programming is easy, and precise motion control is guaranteed.

The thermal spray machine enclosure is a large, sound-absorbing room with a large dual-leaf load door containing two viewing windows. Parts are loaded through these doors onto the rotary table or the lathe. Part temperatures are monitored during HVOF spraying, with pauses automatically inserted to maintain proper part temperature.

System features & benefits

  • Jet Kote Model JK3000 HVOF system with closed-loop controller, running on natural gas fuel
  • Progressive Surface's closed loop thermal spray powder feeder system
  • M710i Fanuc robot for maximum speed, flexibility, and reliability
  • Variable speed turntable with heavy duty structure for supporting awkward aircraft landing gear components and tooling
  • Manually tilting table can operate as a lathe
  • Automatic thermal spray cycles are executed with one button operation

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Aircraft Landing Gear HVOF Coating System

Aircraft Landing Gear HVOF Coating System