Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Coating System


This unique, highly automated system is designed for application of chrome replacement coatings on hydraulic cylinder rods. The system is sized for rods up to 120” long and up to 2000 lbs. A shuttle system moves a lathe fixture between the grit blast booth for surface prep, and the plasma booth for coating.

System features & benefits


  • Side by side grit blast booth / spray booth
  • Full floor ventilation in each booth
  • Dust collector for each booth
  • 2-axis programmable gun movers
  • PC operator interface
  • 100HE high energy plasma spray coating system
  • Complete grit blast system


  • Multiple powder feeders
  • Video cameras for each booth
  • Integral hoist for part loading
  • Data logging of process parameters
  • Coating application development

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Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Coating System

Hydraulic Cylinder Rod Coating System