MPC 1100 Monitored Plasma Gas Control System


The Progressive Surface MPC 1100 Plasma Control offers a simple to use gas control system for operating the 100HE™ plasma torch or standard plasma guns.

Designed for the production environment, this plasma spray control system utilizes a PLC for control of the plasma spray process. The quality components and efficient design offers process repeatability, safety, and easy to use operation.

System features & benefits

  • Closed Loop Power Control (Voltage Monitored at Plasma Gun or Power Supply) up to 100 kw
  • Precision Control of Arc Gases with Digital Display
  • Simultaneous Control of up to Four Arc Gases for the 100HE™ plasma torch
  • Separate Hydrogen Panel with Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Operator Interface Menu Displays, Power Settings, Status & Alarms
  • Carrier Gas Control for Two plasma spray Powder Feeders
  • Integral Air Jet Control
  • Compact Design Requires Minimal Floor Space

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MPC 1100 Monitored Plasma Gas Control System