Compressor Blade Coating Removal System


This compact, robotic waterjet system removes coatings from aircraft engine compressor blades.  The unique, high production design has dual shuttles that handle racks of blades.  One rack is outside being loaded by the operator, while the other rack is inside being processed by the robot.  Progressive’s PRIMS Pro software commands operation of the complete system, easily managing flexible tooling and programming for a wide variety of part configurations.

System features & benefits


  • Cabinet fabricated from heavy SS plate
  • Fanuc robot and controller
  • Progressive’s  Rotary Nozzle Drive
  • Dual shuttle system with tooling clamps
  • Ventilation with Mist Collector
  • PC operator interface with PRIMS Pro
  • Jet Edge 55kpsi waterjet pump
  • Closed Loop process monitoring


  • Molded tooling for variety of blade geometries
  • Closed loop water filtration contains generated waste
  • Coating Application Development by Progressive

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