Custom Waterjet for Propeller Maintenance


This custom built system incorporates a special door mounted horizontal spindle for processing military aircraft propellers as part of the overhaul process.  The unique spindle allows access to the blade root taper for the waterjet to remove a balancing lead wool plug and to target the airfoil for removal of the molded rubber propeller base in a single setup.  Paint and decals are also removed.

The door can also be fitted with custom part fixtures to statically hold a variety of other overhaul hardware for coating removal.  The system is equipped with a positive displacement pump with variable frequency drive capable of 40,000 psi water at 3 gallons per minute.

System features & benefits


  • Stainless Steel Lined Cabinet Interior
  • Waste Handling Drag Conveyor
  • Water Pressure Monitor
  • Water Flow Monitor


  • Part Holding Tooling
  • Turnkey Installation

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