RWJ 14400G - 144" (3.6m) Diameter Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Stripping System


This cell, our largest ultra high pressure water jet stripping system, is capable of cleaning aircraft engine components up to 144" (3.6m) diameter and 49" (1.2m) tall. It offers 5-axes of CNC controlled coordinated waterjet cleaning motion. The water jet stripping system can be supplied with a water intensifier pump manufactured by Jet Edge or Flow International in a variety of horsepower ranges.

System features & benefits


  • Computer controlled motion programs for water jet stripping process repeatability.
  • Gantry style nozzle manipulator offers a clean cabinet interior and excellent access in cylindrical parts.


  • A cantilevered cabinet mounted monorail hoist can be added to service the part load area.
  • PRIMS operator interface software streamlines part programming and reduces operator errors.
  • Closed-loop water filtration system offers minimal waste generation.

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