Progressive Surface - CITS Pro software


Cycle monitor & recipe information

CITS Pro's easy-to-read format makes it easy to review gun recipe and feeder recipe setpoints, and process actuals. The monitor screen displays the machine process status, adjusts process parameters, and recalls and stores process recipes. Alarm bands are visible in a quick view to confirm that your process is still in control. The robot controller can specify which recipe numbers are passed to the CITS Pro™ system for immediate implementation.

Process recipes and parameters can be easily written or modified, even during the thermal spray application. At the same time, each parameter is protected by a multi-level security system. Recipe selection and storing is also protected, and safeguarded from accidental or unauthorized deletions or selections, assuring the right process parameters are used to process the selected part.

Help messages
The operator or process engineer can request a help message for any parameter shown to receive relevant information on the parameter's limits and operation.

Alarms with diagnostics
Each parameter has two sets of programmable high and low limits. If a warning, malfunction, or shutdown alarm occurs, a message describing the condition and the time of occurrence is displayed, along with a diagnostic message to assist in correcting the problem.

Trend graphs
The CITS Pro™ graph function enables the user to not only view data logged during a process cycle, but to review data of previously processed parts. Up to three parameters can be shown simultaneously on the graph, each with a unique vertical range and title.

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CITS Pro Computer Integrated Thermal Spray software - cycle monitor & recipe information screen