Storage Tower and Sheet Handling


Metal cutting machinery like lasers and turret punch presses can be operated “hands off” when integrated with a Progressive material storage tower and sheet handling system.  This system straddles the load station and delivers sheets of raw material one at a time.  A rear elevator retrieves and stores up to 8 pallets of material.  The front elevator handles either the finished product pallet, or the scrap pallet.  Integral suction cup system and unload “fork” system allow the metal cutting machines to run un-interrupted. 

System features & benefits


  • (4) drawer or (8) drawer storage tower
  • Sheet sizes up to 2m x 4m
  • 6600 lbs of material per pallet
  • Suction cup loader with single sheet detection
  • Fork system to unload entire table
  • Safety fencing and door interlocks


  • Custom design per application
  • Custom controls
  • Ball rollers at load station

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