Large Robotic Grit Blast System for Aerostructures


This large Grit Blast system has Two (2) ABB Industrial Robots, each with a single, long venturi nozzle.

The parts are loaded on two (2) large work carts that bring the structures into the cabinet for grit blasting. Parts can be loaded or unloaded during the blasting cycle to increase throughput.

Each robot is suspended from auxiliary axis horizontal robot slides, giving the robots a much larger reach area and processing zones.  The robots can grit blast a single large part simultaneously or operate completely independent to each other and process different parts.  The robot controllers are configured in a Master/Slave arrangement to achieve this feature.

The blasting media is Aluminum Oxide and all spend media is recovered and classified for further use.  The large cabinet also acts as a sound enclosure, greatly reducing the process noise.

System features & benefits


Automatic Media Adder

Robot environment safety package

Closed Loop air pressure control

Sweco vibratory screener for media size control


PRIMS Pro PC based operator interface

Robot Studio offline robot simulation

ShotMeter media velocity sensor

Video Monitoring

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