Rotary Index Shot Blast


Rotary indexing table machines are available with both suction and pressure shot blast delivery. The machines are used in high volume production applications, and can be manually or automatically loaded.  This particular system removed forging scale at very high production rates.  A vertical nozzle manipulator feeds an ID lance and OD nozzle targeting two adjacent parts with each cycle.  The customer used robotics for loading and unloading.

System features & benefits


This system has a standard 4 position index table which features a rugged abrasive blasting indexer. The base blasting machine has 2 spindles per station and can be configured with one to four spindles per station.  The system incorporated a Siemens S7-300 PLC with SIMATIC HMI.


Automatic media flow control for each nozzle

Closed-loop blasting air pressure control

Automatic media adder for continuous maintenance of media level within the system

Media classifier for precise control of media size

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Rotary Index Shot Blast

Rotary Index Shot Blast

Rotary Index Shot Blast

Rotary Index Shot Blast