100HE Plasma Replaces HVOF Process



Progressive recently installed an automated 100HE™ plasma spray system which applies 316 Stainless Steel coatings to industrial butterfly valves up to 36 inches diameter. This customer had originally specified an HVOF (high velocity oxy fuel) process be used because of the higher bond strengths and densities HVOF is known to provide. However, after reviewing test data comparing the HVOF sprayed 316 SS and the same coatings applied with the 100HE™ plasma, the customer found that our 100HE™ plasma system outperformed the HVOF applied 316 SS coatings and even had higher bond strength readings.

While our 100HE™ Plasma Process may not always win out in comparisons with HVOF coatings, this case clearly indicates the high performance capability of the 100HE™ plasma process. The 100HE™ combines high spray rates and high deposition efficiencies which enables users to lower their total cost of coating. Stay tuned to this exciting new Plasma process—we probably haven't even scratched the surface of possible applications for the 100HE system.

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