Automated Shot Peening Machines Delivered to Orthopedic Industry



Three different manufacturers of orthopedic implants have contracted with PTI in 2007 for shot peening projects. Each project involves a different type orthopedic implant or implant hardware. Either stainless steel shot or ceramic media is precisely controlled in a pneumatic blasting system to provide enhancements in part fatigue strength and surface finish. The stringent requirements of the medical industry dictate proper selection of materials and process controls for shot peening. The PTI machines were specially designed and tested to meet these requirements. The essential features include: Precise control of part positioning and nozzle positioning. Vibratory screening system to maintain consistent shot size. Closed loop control of shot flow and air pressure. Automatic doors and multi-part tooling for increased productivity. Special materials of construction. Optional computerized particle analysis system. Recipe storage and data logging with PTI’s PRIMS operator interface. PTI’s engineering team provided not only the machine design, but also extensive process development work. Small production runs and shot peening DOE’s were conducted at PTI prior to launching these new machines into production. See the separate page on this website Medical Implant Shot Peen Machines for additional information.

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