Ken I'Anson Awarded Shot Peener of the Year



The Shot Peener magazine was pleased to award Ken I’Anson the 2007 Shot Peener of the Year award at the 2007 U.S. Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning workshop. The award is given to persons that make significant contributions to the advancement of shot peening in either commercial or academic venues.

Ken has been involved in the shot peening industry from the equipment side for 27 years. His experience is unique in that it has covered both centrifugal wheel peening and compressed air nozzle peening. He is a Sales Engineer for Progressive Technologies and focuses on airframe and landbased turbine shot peening applications. He not only understands the mechanics of the machines but the process of peening and the requirements for successful peening results.

Ken has contributed many articles and papers for the EI Shot Peening Workshop manuals and has attended the Workshops since the beginning in 1990. He has obtained Level 3 Exam certification at the EI workshops. He is also a frequent contributor to The Shot Peener magazine and the forums at

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