Progressive Technologies Launches Next Generation 100HE Plasma Spray Torch



Progressive Technologies is pleased to announce a new and improved generation of the proven 100HE Plasma Spray Torch. The sleek new body style is 1 lb. (0.45kg) lighter and over 1” (25mm) shorter, enabling better manipulation capabilities and easier access to parts with complicated geometries. We achieved this while maintaining the high performance and quality coatings produced with the original 100HE. How did we do it? We rearranged some internal cooling water channels, shifted some “O” rings, and developed an even simpler design than the original 100HE. However, all of the patented internal hardware components and geometry remained the same.

In addition to maintaining extremely high throughput and exceptional coating qualities, reported hardware life has been a very pleasant surprise for our customers. Jay Morse of Henry Pratt, a long time user of the 100HE, recently commented “we often see Anode life in the range of 1500 hours, and up to 400 hours Cathode life”.

The 100HE has a wide window for spraying nearly any powder, including abradables, metallics, carbides, cermets and pure ceramics. Recent coating development programs have proven its capability to spray TBC ceramics of very dense (< 1%) to high (20%) porosity levels at spray rates up to 300 grams/minute and deposition efficiencies in the 70% to 80% range.

Because of the thermally dynamic plasma created by the 100HE’s patented hardware design, several companies have also discovered it is a great tool to manufacture and densify thermal spray powders. High quality powders are now manufactured and densified at feed rates in excess of 500 grams/minute.

If you want to step up to the next level in Plasma Spray Coatings, take the 100HE CHALLENGE; choose a material, contact Progressive and let us prove how much time and money you can save over your current application.

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