Progressive Surface introduces PRIMS Pro process control software



Progressive Surface®, a global leader in automated surface treatment machinery and closed loop process controls, has introduced PRIMS Pro®, the next generation of its Process Reporting and Integrated Monitoring System (PRIMS) software.

“PRIMS Pro for Windows 7 gives engineers and operators the most advanced, versatile process controller available,” said Doug Poortenga, executive vice president. “PRIMS Pro enables control, monitoring, and data logging for Progressive Surface shot peening, grit blasting, and high pressure waterjet cleaning machinery. It’s ideal for production, overhaul and repair, and research and development applications.”

The PRIMS Pro interface is updated, easy-to-read, and user-friendly. New features include context-sensitive help, intuitive Windows-based controls, user-defined checklists and technical cards, alarms with diagnostics, and simplified scheduling and tracking of preventive maintenance.

“Using our extensive engineering, process, software, and automation expertise, we've taken our controller to the next level,” said Jim Whalen, Progressive Surface vice president, sales and marketing. “Each PRIMS Pro system is specifically configured for the user’s process application and equipment.”

The PRIMS Pro part manager allows operators to locate, select, and set up parts prior to processing or while processing other parts. Each part can have multiple optional motion control or surface process functions defined, with only certain portions of a part being processed, if desired.

Pre-coded aid buttons write the most common codes for motion or process control functions. The program editing function allows viewing multiple programs at once. The CNC/robot controller can pass along process parameter setpoints, alarm limits, shutdown limits, and recipe numbers to the PRIMS Pro system for immediate implementation. Each parameter is protected by a multi-level security system. If a process failure or equipment malfunction occurs, alarms will alert the operator, log the failure, and provide a diagnostic message.

The preventive maintenance screen of PRIMS Pro provides an online maintenance scheduler, historian, and advisor all in one.

PRIMS Pro also features compatibility with Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF, HTML, and image files, and all eDrawing-compatible files.

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