Progressive Surface® introduces CITS Pro thermal spray system



Progressive Surface®, a global leader in automated surface treatment machinery and closed loop process controls, has introduced CITS Pro™, the next generation of its Computer Integrated Thermal Spray (CITS) controller software.

CITS Pro™ provides unmatched multi-process closed loop control, versatility, security, and data logging in a flexible, modular system. The system delivers precision control of one or multiple thermal spray processes, for reproducible coating of even the most complex parts.

“We take a process-specific, modular approach, so every thermal spray system we build is unique, and meets the specific needs of a given customer,” said Doug Poortenga, executive vice president. A single CITS Pro™ controller allows precise, simultaneous control of multiple thermal spray processes (HVOF, plasma, arc, and wire), including a variety of spray guns and up to six volumetric or fluidized powder feeders, for unsurpassed coating quality.

The CITS Pro™ controller combines a powerful programmable logic controller (PLC) with a user-friendly, touchscreen PC interface, designed with both process engineers and operators in mind. It’s ideal for a variety of thermal spray applications, including production, overhaul and repair, and research and development applications.

Some of the features new to the upgrade include context-sensitive help, intuitive Windows-based controls, user-defined checklists and technical cards, alarms with diagnostics, and simplified scheduling and tracking of preventive maintenance.

Each part can have multiple optional motion control or surface process functions defined, with only certain portions of a part being processed, if desired. The preventive maintenance function of CITS Pro™ provides an online maintenance scheduler, historian, and advisor all in one.

CITS Pro™ is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF, HTML, and image files, and all eDrawings-compatible files.

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