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Preventive maintenance

Proactive preventive maintenance offers many benefits including increased uptime, minimized unscheduled maintenance, and lower operating costs. PRIMS Pro® provides simplified tracking of preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling.

The PRIMS Pro® Preventive Maintenance function now includes automatic sorting of items based on next item required, and a flexible maintenance log for the user to enter when an individual maintenance item is reset.

The PM screen for PRIMS Pro® provides an on-line maintenance scheduler, historian, and advisor all in one.

Tracks the elapsed hours, cycles, or days on, up to 100 items, tying each item to a unique on-bit for the machine. The system monitors these bits each second and increments the hours, cycles, or days as required if the bits are on. This allows maintenance to be recorded for each unique item based on its usage rather than on an hour basis for the complete machine.

Each time maintenance is performed, the system records the time and date information, as well as the name and ID number of the person doing the work.

Each maintenance item has help available at the push of a button. Procedures and check lists are there to help get the work done. This information can also be printed out to use as a guide when performing a maintenance or inspection task.

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PRIMS Pro Process Reporting & Integrated Monitoring System software - preventive maintenance screen