The Procise Process®


Progressive Surface® has installed more than 1,500 machines in more than 33 countries. The Progressive Procise Process® delivers a world-class machine that's precisely engineered for your application.

Progressive Surface - Procise Process - Shot Peening

Thorough upfront discovery

Our thorough upfront discovery determines your precise and unique requirements, to ensure ultimate success.

Process-specific design

Our expertise and experience in engineering, process, tooling, software, and automation are reflected in every detail of your equipment's process-specific design.

Lifetime support

Progressive customers are less likely to need after-sale service but if they do, they enjoy easy access and a lifetime of exceptional support.

Progressive Surface - Procise Process - Grit Blasting

Our Procise Process® means on-time delivery of complete surface treatment solutions that meet each customer's specific process requirements, plus comprehensive equipment and technical services including:

  • machine health and diagnostics
  • calibration
  • preventative maintenance
  • certification readiness audits
  • controls and mechanical upgrades—with more than 300 retrofits/upgrades completed
  • process development
  • application development
  • contract services

Progressive Surface - Procise Process - Thermal Spraying

The Procise Process® is your guarantee that your Progressive equipment will perform to your exact requirements—and beyond your expectations—for years to come. Procisely!®

No wonder 94% of our customers order from us again. For more information, contact us or call 616.957.0871.

Progressive Surface - Procise Process - Waterjet Cleaning