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Progressive Surface helps our customers meet their short or long-term production requirements as well as any process or application development for our full range of surface treatment processes. Our 40+ years of experience in building machinery has enabled us to have the technical skills to help you with process and application development. If you have a need for a production source for your parts, we have many highly efficient systems to shot peen, grit blast, waterjet strip or thermal spray coat to specification requirements with quick turn-around times. Progressive Surface is also ITAR registered and has an approved FAA Drug and Alcohol testing program.

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Progressive Surface process services
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Shot peening

Multiple 5-axis CNC/robotic shot peening systems with closed loop process controls and reporting for peening critical or complex part geometries including lance peening holes and ID's. Maximum part capacity: 48" (1.2 m) diameter, 48" (1.2 m) tall. These systems meet the requirements of Nadcap, AMS 2432 and the most stringent OEM critical parts peening specifications.

Progressive Surface process services - shot peening

Grit blasting

We have several grit blasting systems to service your needs. High volume production systems as well as robotically control systems for the most demanding complex geometries. We focus on critical grit blasting applications used to prep parts prior to thermal spray coating.

Progressive Surface process services - grit blasting

Thermal spray coating

We have over thirty years of experience with thermal spray processes, but until recently we have not offered this as a process service for our customers. We currently have several high volume production systems coating several critical advanced technology parts. Contact us to see if your application fits our available production capacity.

Progressive Surface process services - thermal spray coating

High-pressure waterjet stripping

CNC robotic system with closed-loop process control and reporting for stripping turbine engine components, we can process parts up to 53" diameter by 30" tall.

We have experienced with all major turbine engine OEM waterjet repairs. Our equipment and process controls meet the requirements of GE SPM 70-23-23, CFM SPM 70-23-70, PW SPOP 322, and Rolls Royce Standard Practice. Our focus is thermal spray coating removal from aircraft engine and industrial gas turbines components.

ITAR registration and our approved FAA Drug and Alcohol testing program allow us to process military and flight critical components.

Progressive Surface process services - high-pressure waterjet stripping

Application/process development

If you have one of our systems we would be happy to help you develop new processes or applications. We have in-house systems to conduct this development, demonstrate it for you, and then transition it to your Progressive System at your facility. If you need fixturing or Almen tooling our engineering department has a vast amount of experience to be used in designing your tooling to meet the harsh requirements of shot peening, grit blasting, waterjet cleaning or thermals spray coating. Our thermal spray experts are also ready if you have a need to develop a specialized coating for your hardware. We have many years of materials and coating development experience in all thermal spray processes including the today's most advanced process of Suspension and Solution Plasma Spray (SPS/SPPS).

Progressive Surface process services - application development