Custom shot peening systems


Progressive Surface has been a leader in shot peening technology since 1967, with innovations including:

  • closed-loop process control
  • rotary lance peening
  • unique system configurations
  • customized robot integration

PRIMS Pro® software provides unsurpassed shot peening closed-loop process control with increased system uptime. PRIMS Pro meets all the requirements NADCAP, AMS2432, as well as all OEM critical parts peening specifications.

Using the Procise Process™, Progressive custom design and build each shot peening system for the customer's unique application needs.

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Shot peening controller

PRIMS Pro® is our next generation Process Reporting and Integrated Monitoring System (PRIMS) software for Progressive Surface shot peen machinery. PRIMS Pro® is the most advanced and flexible process controller available.

Progressive Surface - PRIMS Pro software

Progressive Surface - PRIMS Pro software - part manager, part identification screen
Progressive Surface - PRIMS Pro software - cycle monitor & recipe information screen

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What is shot peening?

Shot peening is the process of cold working or hammering the surface of a material with small spheres of steel, ceramic or glass media pneumatically propelled at relatively high velocities. These shot particles create a series of overlapping dimples on the material's surface which put the upper layers of the material into compression, and help to prevent fatigue failure in the material.

Shot peening improves the fatigue strength or working life for many components, including:

  • transmission gears, axles, universal joints, and drive shafts
  • connecting rods and crankshafts
  • pistons, cylinder heads and blocks
  • turbine engine disks, blades and shafts
  • aircraft wing skins, stringers and chords
  • landing gears
  • fillets
  • wheels
  • valves
  • springs

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