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Aerospace Structural Component Peening

This Progressive Surface custom machine will be used for the shot peening of aircraft structural components up to 5m long x 1m high x 0.4m wide. Parts are loaded onto a frame style fixture at one of two load stations. An overhead hoist is used to transfer the parts onto the fixtures and the fixtures onto the part cart. The part cart carries the parts into the peening cabinet where an overhead track mounted Fanuc robot with 5 meters of linear travel is used to shot peen both sides of the entire part in a single setup. The blast nozzles are used for part blowoff when peening is complete. Features include an automatic window shield, LED interior lights, multi-function bridge style hoist, closed-loop air pressure control, closed-loop media flow control (up to 100 pounds per minute per nozzle), vibratory media classifier, and HEPA filtration on the dust collector exhaust.
Progressive provided overseas shipping and turnkey installation for the equipment's final destination in the United Arab Emirates.