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Dual Robot, Dual Table Large Capacity Grit Blast for Aircraft Structures

This large capacity system was designed to grit blast aerostructures with 180 grit aluminum oxide in preparation for paint. Parts up to 54 inches by 242 inches by 48 inches tall are loaded onto transfer carts outside the machine and then shuttled through large vertical work doors to the blast position. Nozzle manipulation is by two inverted ABB 4600 arm robots. Each robot has 48 inches of linear travel provided by linear actuators located outside the grit environment. The operator selects the proper program using the PRIMS Pro™ operator interface. All returning media is continuously sieved for process repeatability. Sound levels outside the machine during processing at 45 psi were under 80 dBa. Manual touch-up is possible using the integrated operator protection equipment. Progressive Surface was responsible for turnkey installation at the customer's production facility.