CNC Shot Peen Machine with Shaft Peening


This system was specifically designed for the needs of aircraft engine overhaul operations. The precision 4-axis Gantry robot can manipulate standard or deflector type nozzles over large work pieces. A rotary lance drive can be quickly connected (< 5 minutes) to the Gantry robot to peen small holes and slots. Three different shot peening media sizes were used with this machine, making it very versatile for meeting all shot peening requirements. In addition, a horizontal spindle enables the user to shot peen a variety of turbine shafts and other long cylindrical components. The entire system is CNC controlled with our PRIMS process monitoring system as the main user interface.

System features & benefits


  • Flexible and repeatable shot peen format for a large range of aircraft engine components
  • 3 different shot peening media sizes, automatic classification and “Instant On” media size selection.
  • Automated Media addition.
  • Receiver nozzle is provided and adapts quickly to a large inventory of non-rotating lance nozzles


  • Cabinet mounted hoist
  • Low-flow Magnavalves for small bore peening
  • Standard Almen fixtures
  • Custom part fixtures
  • Production ready programs
  • Siemens 810D or 840D CNC
  • Fanuc 31i CNC
  • Non-ferrous shot peening media classification

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