Compressor Blade Airfoil Peen


This machine uses venturi style suction nozzles to shot peen turbine engine compressor blades with glass beads. Parts are fixtured on a door-mounted spindle table for easy loading and unloading. An optional second door is available for higher production capacities. The peening nozzles are manipulated by a servo controlled gun mover, which is programmed through the computer operator interface. Media flows are monitored for each nozzle, and air pressure is closed loop controlled for optimum process repeatability. All of the glass bead is screened in a vibratory screening separator to ensure that the media meets appropriate specifications.

System features & benefits


  • Suction Style Peening Cabinet
  • Door Mounted Turntable - 3 to 30 RPM
  • Servo Controlled Gun Mover
  • 6 Suction Blast Nozzles
  • Media Flow Monitors
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • Sweco Vibratory Screening Separator
  • Computerized Operator Interface (PRIMS)


  • 2nd Door and Turntable
  • Custom Masking and Tooling
  • Almen Fixtures
  • Saturation Curve Solver Software

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Compressor Blade Airfoil Peen

Compressor Blade Airfoil Peen