Small Part Peen


This single axis shot peen machine is designed to peen a wide variety of small structural aircraft parts. The parts are fixtured onto pins on a 48" diameter table top. As the parts rotate on the table they are peened with four pressure nozzles which stroke side to side above the table surface.

System features & benefits


  • 2-20 RPM Turntable
  • Programmable Horizontal Gun Mover
  • Dual Stage Continuous Blast Pressure Pot
  • 4 Direct Pressure Nozzles
  • Closed Loop Media Flow Control
  • Closed Loop Air Pressure Control
  • Vibratory Screening System
  • Computerized Operator Interface (PRIMS)


  • Manual Blast Station in Door
  • Automatic Shot Peening Media Adder
  • Ladder and Access Platform
  • Almen Fixtures
  • Peening Tool Kit
  • Saturation Curve Solver Software

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Small Part Peen

Small Part Peen