Eutectic of Japan, Ltd. to Market 100HE



Progressive Technologies is proud to announce that they are teaming with Eutectic of Japan, Ltd. to market the 100HE plasma spray system to the Japanese market.

The 100HE plasma spray system offers significant improvements in spray rates and deposition efficiencies over standard plasma torches, while producing excellent coatings.

Eutectic of Japan, Ltd., an ISO9001:2000 certified organization incorporated in 1959, has extensive experience in the thermal spray market with offices in 13 cities throughout Japan.

For more information, please contact:

Etsuro Imai - Sales Manager
Eutectic of Japan Ltd.
1224 Ogura, Saiwai-Ku
Kawasaki, 212-0054
Tel: 81 (0)44 599 31 01
Fax: 81 (0)44 599 31 06

For more information, email